Reply To: Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months in sexting case


Has anyone read the comments on this article on the USA Today site? Typical pathetic losers who think they know everything.
First of all, Weiner and so many others go wrong with the “I’m sick, I need therapy”. No, he’s not “sick”, he’s what’s called in the social media circuit “an attention whore”.
If he’s “sick” then so are 99% of the population who do the same things he did and when the moment arises that they happen to be in contact with a young teen, this thing called an “ego” kicks in, especially in older men.
He is not sick, it’s the social media craze that is the cancer which is spreading to ALL age groups.

Someone also commented that he should be kept away from his own kids. What a friggin jackass that person is to say that.