Reply To: Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months in sexting case


So, this raises an interesting conversation. I have not reviewed Weiner’s voting history in Congress but I would think it safe to assumede that he voted in favor of sex offender registry laws. So that makes him “the enemy”.

But now he is going to be one of us, and I would assume his stance on registry laws would change somewhat. So does that make him a member of our “group”? Or are his former views too egregious to forgive?

As for me, I cannot in good conscience accept or hope for forgiveness for my misdeeds without being willing to forgive others for theirs. Plus, Weiner could be a powerful ally (assuming the registries have not fallen by the time he gets out.)

Welcome to the party, Mr. Weiner. Refreshments will be served as soon as we are all free again.