Reply To: The official yearly Halloween report


If you’re going to call yourself “Just the Logic”, then please USE LOGIC.
Trump is trying to protect this country from turning into France or Sweden or Germany. Have you seen them lately?
If you have access to the internet then hop on over to YouTube and take a look at the precious Muslims (those poor, oppressed people) and see what they’ve done to the countries I’ve mentioned.

Immigrants… I suspect you think all immigrants must be Mexican! Hahaha. Pardon me but since when could any of us just go plop our asses in another country without the proper LEGAL proceedings to stay there? But it’s Trump that’s the problem. Oooooooooooooooof course.

Transgenders in the military. This is my favorite because I am part of the LGBT and I say KEEP THEM OUT!
No matter how much a woman wants to believe she is a man, she ISN’T. And with that she lacks the PHYSICAL STRENGTH and the EMOTIONAL strength to be in such a job. So, all the “bull dyke” lesbians who want to become “men” in how they LOOK will never truly be men in how they OPERATE.

Facts don’t care about your feelings which is why liberals will ignore facts in favor of their precious feelings. Awwwww *makes sad face*