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Hello everyone, I have a questions I haven’t been able to get answered in 6yrs. (in Ohio) Can anyone tell me if a charge of pandering obscenities involving a minor has to be proven that the person actually knew his or her files were being shared or is it just assumed by law enforcement and prosecutors they were being shared? Another question is, If the police mistakenly gave the computer back to the person / defendant for which the charges were being brought against and before ever going to any court appearances, is the evidence now tainted and can the prosecutor still use the evidence they have collected from that computer? It gets even darker here. What happens is this case here>> the clients attorney was informed by the client and tries to give that computer to his attorney BUT the attorney tells his client to ” hide or destroy” the computer and never tell anyone he has the computer.” ? This all actually happened. Does anyone know if there was any legal ground for the case to move forward?