Reply To: The official yearly Halloween report


Happy Halloween everybody you know we all seem to like celebrating Halloween and yes we celebrate a lot of things in life. You all should be celebrating life and be thankful. Sure we can all get down in the dumps but when others get us down in the dumbs just like the song by the stones 19th nervous breakdown, should we say more?
I wonder what is worse being gay or being a sex offender or can a leaper change his spots. I believe this sex offender situation is trying to castrate everyone. Think about this offense were they passing out candy in a sexual way to you when they tied you up in knots with this sex offender ordeal. Now sex has been going on since the dawn of time and now it seems like they have degree’s for it or tier’s. Are we all worried about Halloween or are we just wanting justice?
Sure the Mother with kids wanting to take them out trick or treating can’t because one of the parents has a sex offense charge, talk about a cheap form of justice in some cases. I would say Grace but we are all under God’s grace and that is the more so for NARSOL to keep up the good work. Now they say the truth hurts so does the results and I would say a little over a half of these sex offenses were done by computer or undercover. If you can’t trust Government who can you trust? Food for thought.