Reply To: The official yearly Halloween report


Rose Marie Jueden

My son has been incarcerated for 6 years and I believe and donate each month to NARSOL. Many of the volunteers work many hours to change the laws for sex offenders. Not all sex offenders are bad, you will find in some of the sex offenders when they were younger they were sexual abused (no excuse to do it to a 12 girl. One thing some states give lower sentence time in my son’s case he was given 50 years other states less time.In my sons case his last two lawyers did nothing for my son to plea bargain with the court the last lawyer made it even worse, the papers were signed for lowering his sentence but the lawyer never did summit them to the judge so his case was closed.He is praying that he will be able to appeal his case.The state of SD gives tougher sentencing that is why our prisons are over crowded.
rmj concerned mother