Reply To: The sex-offender panic is absolutely destroying lives


I may have a unique take on these laws I have seen both sides of this. My two daughters one drugged and raped in her apartment at age 19, 2 young men neither punished. Add that the “officer” who responded never made a report other than to call CPS about her then 18 month old. Never called an ambulance even though she was unconscious, she awoke next day covered in bruises and no memory other than flashes. The “officer” was dismissed about 6 months later on an accusation that he was inappropriate with a female prisoner.
Another daughter at age 15 groomed by a 28 year old, two instances of sex one statutory (she consented) in Florida consent is age 18. The next instance he “wanted what he wanted, when he wanted it”, she did not consent. No charges, an injunction he has violated, but we only found out later. He has had multiple arrests for drugs, and battery.
Third instance a son, at 18 he was arrested for child porn on his computer, that he downloaded from Lime Wire. There was also a file (he didn’t know) was shared from his computer that was unopened by him but later opened by a deputy. He did 4 years jail/prison, and now is on a lifetime list. He is not dangerous, that from his attorney, a probation officer, the judge, and a therapist he had till he went to prison. He did something stupid at age 18, he is 25 now, and not the same “kid”. I believe therapy would have been a good option for him and if it had continued would have been an excellent choice. The “list” was supposed to be used as a tool by law enforcement to help with finding those that were truly dangerous. When it started it was to be viewed only by law enforcement, now it is cluttered by non-violent, low risk, or moderate risk, individuals who would benefit more from therapy. It has become so large it is hard to “keep track” of the dangerous predators, it is a weapon not a tool. Shaming persons who pose no to moderate risk, causing homelessness, and unemployment, and tearing families apart.