Reply To: Reasonable shelter denied to registrants facing horrific storms


@Wes gray
Banding together is a wonderful and common sense approach, but with very little politicians (for obvious political reasons) to represent us at a Nationwide level the bold move would be destroyed. People on a registry are often scared from all the retaliation to them I their loved ones (much more than anything we have already endured) by law enforcement & vigilantes and individual States’ awakening seems to be working. Just like you posted, I am concerned by the effects on us (suicide rates going thru the roof, which is what the power that be want), but our families/loved ones exposure to all this is concerning most. Yes, we are after all, Human.

Sorry buddy, but as I posted in another article, there is no much better place for updated information in one place that I have found other than NARSOL. You will find info at a local level, but you will need to visit or search every locality in every Town/City in a State to get updates on what is going on in those places. This issue is a sickness (the mental kind) of misinformation that is deeply rooted into every cranny of just about every community in the U.S. (even the Amish after what happened in Lancaster, PA years ago, but the difference being they actually/genuinely forgave) and abroad.

What I would like to know, in all honesty of course, is where are the ethical people, Constitution believing/quoting folks, the individuals of faith, understanding, compassion & forgiveness and last but not least the legal scholars at?

I am still waiting to be contacted by any groups or attorneys to offer their “help” to seek relieve from this violation of Human Rights (mine and others) and to get the ball rolling to sue the living ghost out of this States & Federal Government. (not going to happen, of course, except by those with the right people & money in the right places, which it is how the justice system often works, sadly and yes, I do not have confidence in how our U.S. justice system operates)

I have yet to see any post from any entity, (i.e. ACLU, NARSOL, Human Rights Watch, Politicians [yeah…like that would ever happen!] or Lawyers) actually providing direct useful details or recommendations as to whom to seek for legal recourse affordable to all (read my thinking…No money needed to do what is right & lawful!) and without fear of ridicule or retaliation by authorities. As far as I have observed/experienced with attorneys, we are profit and business is good.
May you and all be blessed to! -PA Registrant-