Reply To: Federal judge holds Colorado registry is punishment; violates Eighth Amendment

Jeremy from Indiana

Update: I submitted an official complaint to the Consumer Finance Protection Board yesterday. I will post again after I receive my results.

NARSOL staff: I could really use some legal advice on the matter of a couple of official fights I am submitting right now. I read somewhere a while back that, here in Indiana, the registry cannot be used by itself to deny employment. I now specifically have a background check in hand from a company that only has my registration on it, but does not have the crimes on it and want to make an example out of them using that law. The problem is I have researched the Indiana statutes and cannot find that provision now. I could use some help finding it. I hope it did not get repealed in the 2017 changes.

I am also submitting a protest letter to the Indiana DOC demanding removal from the registry based on ex post facto, due process, and cruel and unusual punishment. I would like to have a lawyer review and critique my letter. I can pay a little, but not the amount normally charged by attorneys. Thank you!