Reply To: The sex-offender panic is absolutely destroying lives

NH Registrant

Looking through the YouTube comments is sickening for that video. People twist themselves into knots going out of their way to justify the existence of the registry. Most of them either go out of their way to justify the false findings of recidivism studies of the past. And others are perfectly fine with innocent and non-dangerous people getting snared in the same net as everyone else. It’s sickening. But, what do you expect from a YouTube comment section? Many of the people in those sections are narcissists and let their evil sides run wild because they hide behind anonymity. It’s pretty sad. But, it’s an unfortunate reality in our ignorant society. The brainwashing that the media does: News, Movies, TV Shows, etc., is alive and well. I just saw the movie ‘IT’ recently. Nearly every adult portrayed in that movie was either physically abusive, outright creepy, and/or a sexual abuser. I’m so sick of the media.