Reply To: Breaking the ‘frightening and high’ myth


What you said is exactly why I said encourage anyone to get involved with NARSOL, not just registrants, because a large chunk of those who are registrants are struggling to survive. We can hardly expect them to make time for an organization or donate what little money they have if they are not comfortable doing so.

It would be wonderful if all 800,000 registrants could become NARSOL members, but it is not realistic. However, whether they can become paying members or not, we would like to reach them and let them know we are here, fighting on their behalf. NARSOL is advocating for all registrants in the United States, even the ones who never heard of us.

There are lots of ways to be involved in our cause. That is why I think it would be a really good idea for people to read the information on this site and learn what NARSOL actually does and learn all the different ways they can get involved in our cause and help move our mission forward.

NARSOL is reaching out to everyone, whether they are registrants or not. It does us no good to fight to restore rights of registrants if we don’t also work to change public opinion towards those registrants. Our donations do not just come from those on the registry, but also from family members, friends, legal and mental health professionals, and even people who have no connection at all to the registry, but are just genuinely concerned, because they see how wrong these laws are.

This is not a battle of just registrants against everyone else. We have a lot good people with us, some who are registrants and some who are not registrants. We all believe in fair and constructive laws and standing up to oppression. We are confident that if we work together we will be successful in achieving our goals to bringing change to these oppressive laws.