Reply To: 23 yrs. ago: 5 yr. suspended sentence; today: still being punished


I guess, with all the talk about the PO from hell, I will tell you there at least used to be some good ones, cause I had the PO from heaven. She realized that I made a mistake, that I was willing to pay for that mistake, and was working my tail end to make restitution for my actions. Our monthly meetings went something like “Hey how’s it going” “Oh pretty good” “great, well see you next month” She never visited my house, or my work, even though my boss knew all about me and wouldn’t have cared. I was even able to go on a three month tour with Youth with a Mission, across the Mid Eastern US. Then when I had served just over 4 years of 5 years probation, she took it on herself to move the court to release me early.

So I do agree that the purpose of NARSOL is and should be pointed more to the registration, not that probation laws don’t need to be changed, but as the other guy said, you pick your battles, and fight the ones that will do the most good.