Reply To: 23 yrs. ago: 5 yr. suspended sentence; today: still being punished


Jeremy from Indiana,

I’m almost too shocked by your reply to counter-reply.
Are you even remotely serious?
If it weren’t for the fact that you’re also a registered person who has experienced probation, I would pose the question: Have you any idea the way probation officers treat sex offenders? Even those of us who simply did something stupid and meant no actual harm to anyone? Did you not read this story?
This man’s probation officer is how many probation officers are and they are commended for it by their superiors.
And the ones who “pretend friend” us are just doing a more subtle attempt to try to find us doing “something wrong”.
But my point here is that the probation dept treats us the same as the general public.

As for “parole”, that is something EARNED while in prison. I do not have a beef with parole. Let’s be clear on that.