Reply To: Breaking the ‘frightening and high’ myth



The myth’s of the sex offender. Well myth’s are myth’s to be exact. Sure there going to be someone that is going to mess around with a teenage gal. That has been going on all thru history and the dawn of ages. I wonder if its still legal to stone someone today. I mentioned one day that I still get these messages like hi sexy.. lets have some fun or hot gal looking for fun or something like that.
Now I’m sure you all get those types of messages on your computer. Sure I avoid them but I mentioned this to my probation officer and I said I bet you a dime to a dollar that those are police officers conning again. Before all this trouble I never got one such message. I’m sure if someone was to look into this chances are that its an undercover scheme waiting to happen.
I really think someone should check into this as actually they are soliciting on the internet and posing as a teenager. Wouldn’t put it past they. Like Fred said, its all about the money.