Reply To: Breaking the ‘frightening and high’ myth


I believe that the Pa a Supreme Court said SORNA violates the law then SCOTUS will see it the same. It violates the constitution of the United States and they shill out all the bs about Recidivism. I was convicted in 97 and haven’t comited sex offense sense then 20 years later yea big recidivism rate, on top of it all it was my girl friend who lied to me about her age. She went to the health department to get a pregnancy test and they asked how old her boyfriend was and from there the DA charged me with sex assault of a child, I was urged by my public defender to take a plea bargain, I recently get my court transcript and it clearly states the court does not recommend me to register as a sex offender but made me pay the sex offender surcharge of 1000 bucks and stated if the probation office requires me to register than I do. I don’t remember 20 years ago that my PO said I had to register. I now need to get my probation records to see what my requirements were. Good luck to us all and keep your heads up and stay positive about this.