Reply To: Breaking the ‘frightening and high’ myth



Breaking news. Well Trump already said it, we are all created equal . And yes he did say we are all made the same. He opposes hatred, bigotry, and racism. So is our character all the same? That would be a question after one completes his or her sentence. I honestly don’t think a lot of people on the registry should worry too much. Sure we all go thru trails in life. Sure my potty mouth got me into a bit of trouble. Sure I submitted to governing authorities by going down there but when someone manipulate one into all this by going days just to snag someone thru these types of encounters something is wrong in Denmark. Remember who posed this first regardless if you were on an adult site as some were.

I would rather have NARSOL fight for us all than go it alone but we all can do our part in all this sex offense jargon and that’s thinking of others like the kids some of you all have and the broken families because of all this crap. Being homeless is no way to live in America. Do I hear those flutes playing in the background … lol