Reply To: Breaking the ‘frightening and high’ myth


William H

Snyder vs Doe (Michigan) goes to SCOTUS Conference 25 September ’17. God only knows what the decision will be. The State (Government) is still relying on DOJ and Alaska’s 2003 Smith v. Doe recidivism rates. They’re using outdated data as to be expected: After 5 yrs – 14%, 20 yrs – 27%.
On the other hand, John Does 1-5, Mary Doe (Defendants) recidivism statistics are spelled out on pages 18 – 19 (Doe v. SNYDER). Statistics vary by offenses, age, time and actuarial data (and more). Some as low as 3%, which is unquestionably lower than serious crime recidivism.

But Michigan has also stated that losing, would cause a loss of Federal Government money for existing SORA programs (real justice). That list goes on. Would be interesting to see the defendant’s (Does/Mary) win by any margin.

What’s concerning; for SCOTUS to rule in favor could potentially cause an eventual defunding of billions of dollars worth of tax dollars. Money used to fund prosecutors, law enforcement, correctional facilities, ad nauseam. There’s the issue !

I don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel yet, but I am more encouraged today than yesterday. Again, God only knows what may become of this.