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One thing I don’t understand, 16 or 17 years old sex offenders being treated like pedophiles even though they are not being label as pedophiles in their record but the laws are still apply to them? 16 years old is just a young person who doesn’t know the real world and the laws out there. When they grow up, they can change to be a responsible adult. The laws are getting worst and this doesn’t help them to have a better life. People treated them like garbage and they now are not the same teenager anymore. It is like torturing an innocent person. Laws suppose to be fair and not to be made to torture. We should not treat everyone the same or put them all in one same category. Young sex offenders and non pedophile sex offendors, specially those who have been a good citizen without any other criminal records should be waived from getting this stamp because they are not endanger any minor and they have change to be a great responsible person. Everyone deserves a second chance specially young offenders who have grown up to be a good citizen.