Reply To: Breaking the ‘frightening and high’ myth



“I’m appalled that this could happen. This was not my intent”

Well then Robert Longo should have kept his mouth shut back in 1986 or whatever the year was.
Haven’t we learned years ago that the average person takes things out of context and starts what are called “rumors”?
If I tell a person that I got an HIV test after sleeping with someone that I later thought was questionable, and that person tells someone else and that someone tells someone, by the time is gets to the 4th or 5th person, I’ve gone from getting and HIV test to having full blown AIDS.
Haven’t we LEARNED about RUMORS?
News and other informative arenas have always and should have always been VERY CAREFUL as to how they word things they are trying to say.
Some people skip through paragraphs when reading articles, some people focus on PART of what a newscaster says LIVE ON AIR, and the reader/viewer’s MISINFORMATION then gets spread around like wild fire.

What was the point of this article back in 1986 anyway? There was no Megan’s Law and there weren’t any laws restricting people of where they could live or even eat for lunch (McDonald’s, etc).
We seemed to do just fine BEFORE all these laws, we can do just fine again.
Also, I’m really sick of the term “sex offenders” as if every person is a habitual offender. How about “people who committed a sexual offense”. To call someone a “sex offender” with a 1 time offense is like calling someone a “smoker” after he/she takes the one and only puff of a cigarette and nearly chokes and never touches a cigarette ever again.

My offense was 12 years ago. I am NOT a “sexual offender”, I broke the law 1 time with a teenager. I did not and do not have a harem of underage teens as my concubines. Therefore, I am not a habitual sex offender.

But I am a smoker. Very heavy smoker actually. If that were an offense, I’d be on death row the way I smoke.