Reply To: Breaking the ‘frightening and high’ myth


David Israel

At one point in my life in South Florida, my Probation Officer required me to move out of the house I’d been staying in (illegally) and go to a trailer park which was literally on the wrong side of the tracks, and looked like a post-apocalyptic horror. Yeah, sure, I was violating city code by living 110 feet too close to a school… but my being there wasn’t harming anyone.

I’ve lived in the back of the church, on the living room floor of the pastor’s house, and spent much time homeless, simply because of these restrictions. The areas that were ok? Warehouse districts. The wharf. Vast tracts of undeveloped land. Oh, yes, and a street of houses that isn’t there anymore; there’s a golf course there now. I guess I could’ve set up at tent at the eighteenth hole…

I have drafted an argument which, if successful, will not only expunge my own conviction, but would impact tens of thousands of people across the United States by expunging their convictions as well. My problem is a lack of funding to do further research on this issue and to hire competent legal help. After seeing this video, I’m going to build a website around the proposed argument (with a place for people to comment/help), and then come back here & post it.

There is no “bank robber registration” nor a “drug offender registration,” as far as I’m aware. There are absolutely no studies showing that registration is effective, even for law enforcement. The powers that be MUST be called to task and use the ACTUAL data to re-draft the laws.