Reply To: “Sex Offender” Halloween hysteria huge waste of time, money


Sandy, I read the article you linked to. I also left a comment. Well-said. I think the Christmas and Easter prohibitions can be challenged on 1st Amendment grounds since Catholic and Protestant denominations consider Easter and Christmas to be religious observances and exchanging gifts a perpetuation of the gifts brought to the baby Jesus by the Magi. Someone needs to seriously sue the state of LA for their PUNITIVE laws. You can’t call denying shelter in the face of a killer hurricane or the right to exchange Christmas gifts with the family anything other than the most spiteful of punishments. Louisiana’s laws scream, “Screw you and your family. Yeah, what we’re doing is really cruddy, but you’re a sex offender so screw you and any other scum who would dare claim you, love you, befriend you, or support you in any way!!! That includes your little rugrats!! Screw them too!!! Why are we screwing you so hard? Because everyone hates your guts and we can get away with it!!!”