Reply To: Breaking the ‘frightening and high’ myth


This is a solicitation of assault in exchange for money,” the judge said. “That is not protected by the First Amendment.”
Talk about some news via the internet. This dude wants to put out a bounty for a strand of someone’s hair. Another that is just as tacky is some teenager is expelled from school for having over-sized boobs or whatever they trend it today.

Guess that teenager is sticking out just a bit against school policy. Sounds like an attempt for someone to accost her in high school or junior high whatever the case may be. Talk about tight fitting jeans. Oh well different strokes for different folks.

I think the main point is to get rid of anything even suggestive of sex even though the police still pander these sex sting operations on the internet which is going against their lie just to accost another in their web of deceit, but how can one accost another on the internet without suggesting it first.