Reply To: “Sex Offender” Halloween hysteria huge waste of time, money


Yep. The laws are inhumane. They go against all that is humane and reasonable. Take heart, here and there around the nation these laws are starting to crumble under their own weight. It will not happen quickly, but whether they let on like it or not, you have to know every state sits up and takes notice when sex offenders win cases, especially in the various state supreme courts and the circuit courts of appeal.

Here in TN we have a 10-11 day curfew that runs until the morning after Halloween. We have to be in our houses at 6 p.m. with all external lighting extinguished. We cannot answer our doors for anyone; that is everyone except the parole officers come to do home searches. The house is searched from attic to every other room in the house. Then our outdoor storage sheds are searched. We can’t have any fall or Halloween-related decorations inside or out. No handing out candy, of course.

I e-mailed the local media and defied them to point out ONE incident where a child was accosted by a registered sex offender during the Halloween season. Guess what? They never acknowledged my e-mail. I e-mailed local media about the Polk County Sheriff denying shelter to registrants. Guess what? They never acknowledged my e-mail. The media is definitely on the side of stirring the pile to make it stink as much as it possibly can. They get ratings off supposed vulnerabilities (loopholes) in the sex offender laws and talking about the dangers of sexual predators during Halloween.