Reply To: Breaking the ‘frightening and high’ myth

NH Registrant

I blame the Media, Politicians, and the Prison Profiteers. I don’t even blame law enforcement anymore because – in speaking to a lot of them – I have found that the majority of them don’t want the “registry”. It protects no one. None of the draconian laws they imposed have done ANYTHING to protect children. If the politicians want to protect children for real, they should stop stealing their educational funding, food stamps and other social funding, and stop bombing them into oblivion in other countries on a regular basis! Sex Offender legislation is all a huge SCAM – like most other things in govt. including property taxes!

It really bothers me to see the zealotry in the beginning of the documentary video. There are many people like that in the world at large. Most are cowards who wouldn’t do a single thing when asked to act on their words. But, they are a loud, vocal group who either act on hatred/loathing/revenge or they are being paid to do so by those who would profit from stuffing our prisons full of “sex offenders” many of whom – like I was – are innocent of what they were charged with. If you’re poor in this country, and can only afford a Public “Pretender” (deal maker for the State), then you are certain of a prison or jail stay. Innocence doesn’t even get considered. So many people forget that or are just plain ignorant of it. They have no idea how much the so-called “justice” system is skewed against those who don’t have the money to defend themselves. It’s rigged – and those involved know it.