Reply To: “Sex Offender” Halloween hysteria huge waste of time, money


You know each year sandy has brought up Halloween and I can see NARSOL’s point. Me I always wanted to be the lone ranger just like Maestro, but lets coin a new phrase. To take disadvantage of someone by a sexual means. Now think about that for a minute? Are not those men in blue taking advantage of someone by a sexual means especially in these internet schemes. I mean if every picture tells a story as our friend Rod Stewart said, than I would say their is something about this Trick or Treat. Sort of makes sense to me.
Yes I use to like to go Tricking or Treating when I was a kid but soaping window’s is not the way, and with something like this sex offense ordeal hanging over one’s head I’m sure it is a bit un- constitutional, So could we all say who’s tricking who in this masquerade?