Reply To: “Sex Offender” Halloween hysteria huge waste of time, money



I live in Louisiana and the SO laws and rules are ridiculous and down right disgusting! I guess being a sex offender here makes you less than human! You can have an entire family living next to an elementary school that is cooking Meth, get arrested, get out, and have no idea where those people move to. Allow them to do it again next to maybe a day care and endanger many children and homes if an explosion happens because of their life style. Let them hand out candy to children. The dangers are what sick minded people put in the candy. Responsible parents will not allow children to go out on their own. Not every sex offender is the same, but they are all umbrelled under the same laws. The ID requirements, the postings in the local news paper, post cards of their locations and pictures, where they work (if they are fortunate enough to get a job), having to renew your license Every Year, pay your fees to the sheriffs department every year and re-verify every 6 months regardless of any changes; all this out of the offenders pocket, who barely can make ends meet because out here, where do you work! Set up for failure. These laws are illegal, immoral, and inhumane.