Reply To: NARSOL to law enforcement: Provide reasonable & free shelter to ALL people


Well my brother and his wife and friends rode the hurricane out and was safe in Tampa. I know those people in Florida have a bit of confusion going on and a lot of damage was done to house and property but life goes on. I read that one of the groups against these sex stings and how this Judd fellow acted has filed a lawsuit against this Judd dude. Sure in this situation it was wrong. Sure probation is probation but the main thing in all these sex things is they are predicting one’s future therefore they are giving all sex offenders a scarlet letter.
Talk about one tin soldier. That song has a lot to say but we all have to fight our battles as best we can. When government rules in the name of their justice a catastrophe can happen to make one take notice and a catastrophe doesn’t pre judge anyone. So liberty is still now lost.