Reply To: “Sex Offender” Halloween hysteria huge waste of time, money


Actually, I have asked him if I am required to sign it. He said I don’t HAVE to. But I do sign it, make HIM sign it, and then I make a copy of it while he stands there waiting for my printer to warm up. It is several minutes of uncomfortable silence for him. Also, I record him from the time he knocks on the door till he leaves and I let him know I am recording him. He used to come by once a month, but now he comes by every other month or two. On those times that he does not come by, he calls and asks me if “anything has changed”. When I tell him it has not, then he marks me down as “compliant”.
I am not on probation/supervision anymore but when I was, the “probe officer” (fitting name) would come by my house every other week until I began asking him/her if they “know Jesus” and I would “witness” to them hardcore whenever they would come by. They then cut down on their visits to once every two months after I started doing that… sometimes less. I didn’t even see them at all the last 3 months of probation. I can only imagine it is because they got so uncomfortable around me.