Reply To: “Sex Offender” Halloween hysteria huge waste of time, money



I am a tier 1 RSO living in Louisiana and in mid-October, the monthly compliance sheriff deputy comes to my house and makes me sign a paper acknowledging that I understand the above mentioned laws. This paper also suggests that I stay home, stay inside, and turn off any outside lights. Then he hands me a sign to put on my door that says, “No Candy at This Residence”. Each year I ask him if it is illegal for me to have candy in my home. Each year he says it is not. Then I ask him why he is forcing me to lie. Each year he gets mad and tells me to stop being difficult. Then I ask him if there is a law forcing me to post his “No Candy” sign. He tells me there is not. So, I take his sign and tear it up as he watches and I toss it in the trash. Then I ask him if there is a law forbidding me from handing out candy outside of Halloween. He glances at the paper in his hand and tells me there is not. I ask him if he now understands how stupid this law is. He gets mad again and then he leaves. I do this each year…each year…each year… each year.