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Robert Mertz

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Terry Xander September 7, 2017 at 8:53 pm #20768 Reply

My name is Robert Mertz—my son will be leaving FCI Fort Dix in November of this year after serving a 5 year sentence for CP on his computer hadrdrive.

In his comment Terry states—“As one who had to take a plea (for something i honestly did not do)”. My son also –had to take a plea —for–something he did not do. The FBI planted ( hide) 750 photo files on his computer thru his Gigitribe account. The FBI created two “stories” so they could get a search warrent. In the end he ,also, was forced to sign a plea , however, thru my -detective- work ( long story) we were able to get a 5 year sentence instead of the 20-50 years he could have gotten.

Now my request—-would it be possible for you to contact Terry and ask him if he would be willing to share some of his experiences associated with his “ forced” plea bargain with me.

I live in Reading, Pa and my email is———— I am 81 and –time is an issue —-ha-ha ———— Thank You—-