Reply To: Reasonable shelter denied to registrants facing horrific storms


Can someone please stop these idiot and unlawful acts by the authorities.
Are we the people going to be idle while ex offenders are sh:ttttt on?
Where are all the real heroes?
Let’s talk about something…… let’s say a parole/probation officer just lets the law pile on more rules, regulations, laws and on and on! What person in their right mind would say to the oppressed….well just be compliant while the world enjoys their life at your expense! Just be a quite little slave or we will beat you….(jail, fines, and whatever the powers that be want) you have nothing….you are nothing!
So, does the citizens of this country allow corrupt law run over ex offender and we the people are not to expose the very fact idleness and condoning misuse and abuse of power is to be a part of evil and participate willingly in wrong doing… we the people want to see a war over bad and overzealous laws?
A police officer pulled an ex offender over and he was driving with family and friends and the officer demanded that all passengers including kids show I’d……officer claimed it is their policy! What the he// is wrong with this country?