Reply To: Reasonable shelter denied to registrants facing horrific storms



You really have a way of getting under someone’s skin. To hell with “probation is part of your sentence”. Why don’t you do some RESEARCH on how probation actually STARTED? Like I did. In no way, shape or form should probation be a “punishment”. There should be no “conditions/restrictions” OTHER THAN – STAY OUT OF TROUBLE WITH THE LAW. Not STAY OUT OF SHOPPING MALLS, MOVIE THEATERS, HOMELESS SHELTERS, DON’T LOOK AT NAKED PHOTOS OF GROWN ADULTS LIKE ANYONE ELSE CAN, etc, etc.

Now, let’s see you try to have a damn good comeback for this:

When your “probation” is over, you can own a computer, go shopping at malls, go see a movie, buy an issue of Playboy, etc, etc, etc. Does the end of your probation mean you’re suddenly not capable of committing another crime?
All of humanity is on “probation”. You’re free to move about and do as you please UNTIL you break the law in doing so. What LAW are we breaking by shopping at a mall?

Probation Officer: “You can’t go to a mall because there are kids and teenagers there.”

Sex Offender: “You say that as if I’ve never been to a mall in my entire life and I came out of my mother’s womb committing sex offenses”

P.O.: “Well, it’s not only for the public’s safety but for your own as well.”

S.O: “And who’s going to save me and the public when I’m off probation and can shop anywhere I want?”

P.O.: “……………………………….”

S.O: “Exactly”.

So you see, dear Fred, the way probation is executed is BULLSH*T. Plain and simple. Nothing to try to counter-argue me about on that one.
Furthermore, Fred, I don’t live in a “fantasy” where 800,000 sex offenders march on Washington. See, that could be a reality. The offenders, their friends, their relations, their employers. But you’re too chicken.
Also, you seemed to miss the point; I was counterattacking someone else’s comment about how the “fags” got their rights. As if they….we….don’t deserve rights just because of our sexual orientation.
You can’t condemn one group of people and then claim YOU’RE the condemned group that needs more relaxed laws and arguing trying to tell people that as a sex offender, you’re not really all that bad. Same can be said for the gay folks. How does MY romantic involvement with another male have ANYTHING to do with YOUR daily life? It doesn’t. And that’s pretty much the bottom line of what the LGBT community was saying (even though they did so in a cry-baby manner which made even myself lose much respect for them).

So, Fred, sit back, relax, breathe and next time before you try to counterattack my ideas or comments, try to THINK about what I’m saying then THINK about all the complaining that goes on in these comments about how we’re treated as RSO’s. Then, most of all – THINK before you reply.

Thank you,