Reply To: Reasonable shelter denied to registrants facing horrific storms

William Gratchic

What we are witnessing is the Nazi-type ghettoization of our population. We need to look at what happened in Hitler’s Germany and reflect on the big picture what is happening in this country. After denigration of Jews, there came confiscation of their property, ghettoization, deportation to concentration camps, forced labor then extermination.
Today, we are witnessing the demonization and repeated media hysteria of sex offenders, with no reasonable discussion of the problem and the facts. The course of litigation has financially and mentally shook people down. Now in Florida, people on the sex offender list are ordered to county jail for shelter. This is socially accepted based on the past culling of hatred towards this group and double sentencing for the same crime in violation of constitutional rights. What’s next? R.F.I.D. tattooing? Penal colonies with forced labor for those people to pay their “fair share”? Euthanasia as the final solution to rid society of this “plague”?

The people who did this to the Jews and their mechanisms and tactics are still in place in this country. May I humbly suggest read Edwin Black’s books on Nazi tactics and the U.S. companies that supported them. Just a few were I.B.M., the Ford Motor company, Remington-Rand, General Motors and Standard Oil. We must take a stand and vigorously fight this prejudicial thinking and action before our country is completely lost. The sex offender list is just the beginning. We need to make a strenuous fight against what is transpiring in Florida and in this country. It’s not just personal. It’s patriotic.

Finally on a personal note, I as a retired RN of 30 years was going to volunteer in Florida to aide in disaster relief. Due to being a whistleblower against the Commonwealth of PA regarding the department of corrections and state police and Governor Tom Corbett, my p.c. was seeded with three child porn photos: two of the same kind. Unknown to me, it was found when taken in for service. I now am on the sex offender list. If I went to Florida to help, I would have been thrown into jail.