Reply To: Reasonable shelter denied to registrants facing horrific storms


Ok….so let me get see if I understand something here…

I’ve literally been under attack by some folks on this site (and a few of its admins) for criticism of religious beliefs and FALSELY ACCUSED of being anti-American but Darrel gets to say this with NO BACKLASH…

“That’s how the fags got their rights”

Hey Darrel, I’m one of those “fags” (a happily bisexual male) and I am not one bit offended by your comment. Just a little pissed off that no one put YOU in YOUR PLACE for it. So allow me…

Us “fags” have more balls than most of you. I certainly do as I have challenged the probation dept on a few occasions. But since both paid attorneys as well as civil rights attorneys also lack a pair of testicles, I was shut down and told to just “follow the conditions of the probation you agreed to”. How about “NO!”

So, where are all the balls of the other sex offenders who didn’t seem to be so chicken shit when they committed their crime? Why won’t any of you stand up and march? Protest? Scream at the top of your damn lungs?
Oh yeah, because you seem to think that 800,000 pairs of handcuff and 800,000 prison beds will be ready and waiting for you – that’s why!

STFU and deal with the reprocussions of your life choices , just as I was told to deal with MY probation conditions.