Reply To: What is anti-registry activism?

Terry Xander

I agree with all you are trying to do because the system is a failure. Now, my problem is with the ” satisfactory completion of sex offender therapy programs”. As one who had to take a plea (for something i honestly did not do) and to stop the oncoming train wreck that would’ve have been a death sentence for me at my age, I am realizing that these sex offender programs (at least in GA), have no end. I did my time, i have no problem with probation and all other requirements of me because I knew that when i took the plea. But i had to get control of the madness surrounding all aspects of my situation. Now, GA does NOT regulate these so-called S.O. therapy programs at all. In my case, because I won’t admit guilt to this counselor during the program, he may NEVER allow me to complete the program and get on with my life, thus affording him a weekly income until I die. I pass all of my poly’s, i attend and participate in all meetings, but unless I “confess” to this jerk, He will never allow me to successfully complete this program (basically what he said to me in private in so many words).There should be a mandatory completion to these programs, and not be left up to the moron running the business to pretty much forcet his own personal views on my life and finances. i am on a fixed social security income. My wife and family know the truth of my situation and KNOW I was not guilty of the accusations made against me, and stand behind me 100%, but, no matter how much proof i have of my innocence, this person is allowed to keep me in limbo forever and afford him the luxury of a new car and pay his bills aud nauseum at my (and others) expense.. States need to regulate these programs and force them to have a beginning AND an end, so I (and others) can get on with our lives and families. The States should mandate regulations and be the ones to decide when one has successfully completed these therapy programs, and the steps required to complete them, and not base completion on whether you admit to anything to a counselor or not. I took a plea, I did my court mandated time, and i just want to live out my probation & requirements and move on. thank you for listening.