Reply To: Lenore agrees: registry is ineffective


I just marvel at the fact that society bows, and prays to the state and/or federal government for draconian laws only to realize after a decade or more those laws are a complete flop. Enter sex offender registration. A useless exercise in government trying to prevent a crime with the aid of the media, with pen and paper. So far, the state and federal registrations have prevented nothing, stopped nothing, slowed down nothing except for exposure, consequences beyond job denial, or loss, residence, walking down the street, have a loving relationship with the opposite sex, ad nausea. The only reason the states have enacted these laws was not to lose $$$$$$$$$$ from the Edward Byrne grant acts by threat of such by the feds in the first place ( a very common practice).. The federal agenda was to implement a “national” tracking system that is now fully in place. And do not think the federal government will not or is already using that tracking system for many others. Sex offenders were/are the major test case for interstate, jurisdictional laws to come with a vengeance. The Colorado case has a long road to hoe. It is going to take attorneys with guts, and testicular fortitude to argue in the higher courts and present solid evidence of the fallacy of the sex offender registration acts.