Reply To: Reasonable shelter denied to registrants facing horrific storms


you know i used to live in Texas i am a SO myself i know the laws i was in prison for four years for falure to register. i know from experience that the rgistration act is only a snare to get SO’s back in prison not to help anyone out. sex offenders have the lowest re-offend rate out of all crimes commited. so serve your time and be done should apply to all. i live on my own but everyday i wake up there is either toilet paper in my tree, eggs thrown at my house, and hateful ntoes in my mail box. i live with this everyday for a crime i commited when i was 20 i am now 28 years old and have a daughter of my own. what about the saftey of my family? the laws do not care about my saftey and is cruel punishment to have all my information on a site plus it violates my right to privacy. i have served my time paid my fee’s but now i have a whole new punishment to go through. i dont eve know what to tell my daughter when thigns like this happen. and i am now living in Minnesota with this. i had friends who went through that storm that ended up back in prison. not just a violation of due process but a violation of there rights as citizens who have done there time. someone please we need to fix this everyone needs to shout out at this outrage.