Reply To: What is anti-registry activism?



After agreeing to plea with the Commonwealth of Kentucky for a (3) year sentence (or risk 10-20 years at trial, negative DNA and negative hospital exam?) a post incarceration supervision period is applied. This, in essence, means a three year sentence is, in effect, an (8) year sentence. This is additional punishment above and beyond the agreed three year plea.

Public registry is punishment. The registry prevents residency with most property management companies. As one parole officer stated, “no one wants their apartment building/rental property showing up on the registry.” To quote the late great Roger Miller, “treat me like a human, I think the change will do me good.”

Supervision ends for me 11 October 2017. Since leaving the penitentiary I have completed a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Arts. May be time to allow for a reasonable simulation of life free from fear and punishment, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? My hope is, the public registry is made private and used for its intended purpose, the most heinous of crimes, living restrictions are eliminated and finally, this is what I think most of us want, to be left alone to live our lives in peace.