Reply To: NARSOL calls on Zuckerberg, Facebook to change policy


Facebook what would a lot of bored people do without face book. We’ll for me I didn’t see much in it even before I got into all this mess and it wasn’t on Facebook. Since a lot of businesses have Facebook pages now I can see a potential for business aspects. Remember this Zuckerberg’s baby and he can do with it what he wants but I’m sure the main reason is profit, isn’t that everyone’s reason.
We can’t look in the minds of others and say this is wrong or right. Sure people like to tell or gossip about this and that but sometimes its better to not get involved than getting involved. Whether the policy changes or not face book is a business to him. Actually I think we all did better even before we had the internet. Now look what a mess things are with these internet sting operations and all this caught on camera stuff and I’m sure as Maestro said, I’m sure Zuckerburg had some skeleton’s in the closet.
None of us are saints remember we all cry just the same as anybody else.