Reply To: NO! We don’t need another sex offender law to fight

Scholarly endevour of historical times & merit

Robin – A professor who is willing to listen and possibly buy in on the idea is a good idea. They would also have the potential to bring the topic to students in search of a paper or seek students who may be open to doing the paper, as long as they understood the topic at hand so they don’t deviate from it. A law school student may also be an area who might have interest given the current nature of the topic at hand of what is happening. Maybe a teaming arrangement between students would be possible.

It could be looked at from historical, sociological and legal points of view of those who are of historical merit, but leave that up to you for the paper parameters. Knowing they could/would be printed in an academic journal is usually exciting because it is career enhancing. As long as people understand it is not a smear tactic because family members could be touchy about it, but holding current laws and standards to historical times is irrational to begin with.