Reply To: NARSOL calls on Zuckerberg, Facebook to change policy

David Kennerly

I’ve not seen him mentioned here but Chris Kelly is the former General Counsel for Facebook and spearheaded its “safety” program in which Registrants were singled-out for removal. He didn’t stop there. He was the leading force behind the successful Proposition 35 in California which ostensibly helped victims of sex trafficking and required Registrants to provide their email, internet service providers and social media identifiers.

He ran as a contender for the Democratic nominee as Attorney General of California after working with all fifty of the nation’s state attorney generals to lobby for more draconian sex offender penalties and registration requirements.

He’s one of our biggest enemies, just so you know and I believe that he is still very influential upon Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s Board of Directors.

Personally, I advocate boycotting Facebook.