Reply To: Lenore agrees: registry is ineffective



Fred you know your exactly right. As a matter of fact since Lenore has brought this to our attention and it seems the truth will soon come out on all of this, we also have to remember their is a right way and a wrong way for everything.

I myself sit down one night, and although I have been keeping diary of events since my encounter 5 yrs. ago, I wrote down a doctrine of these sex sting operations and how they are abusing on us.
1. They are usurping Gods Authority in these abusive ways 2, Playing the harlot in some of these opportunities 3.They are deceiving for profitable gain under the guise of Public Safety 4. Their inducing public safety in an internet scheme type setting.5. They are inciting or creating an opportunity of a sexual nature with a teenager.6. They are inducting a plan of action that is more harmful in their self-righteous nature. 8. Law enforcement is inducing abusive behavior by this fraudulent error of a carnal weakness all American’s are born with thus traumatizing others with this unjust encounter. We could also say coveting thy neighbor if it needs to go that far but they have their plan of action to dupe those in all this hog wash.
Now molesting in person or the he said she said story could be a little different. Now my hats off to Brenda Jones for suggesting I contact J.P. Welsh at Safer Virginia a yr. or so ago. While I have never meet him he seems to give some good advice.
Now you tell me how anyone can protect a fictitious person when one calls one out? Where does the police code of ethic’s come into play in any of this. Being honest is good like being a good boy scout but human nature is human nature. Brenda knows where I’m coming from on this one. So everybody on the registry cheer up, myself included.