Reply To: Lenore agrees: registry is ineffective


Maestro I was at work one day when they came to my home for a compliance check, they took a picture of me around
and asked my neighbors if they know me and do I currently live at my current address. Luckily some of my neighbors know me and about me and contacted my wife stating the police were at my front door and going around asking about me, I also have a home security system with cameras outside due to some other neighbors vandalizing homes in my neighborhood. So I was able to play the recording back and they had said some very disrespectful things. I contacted the police and asked why they came to my home and they stated they were doing a compliance check. They had the color of my vehicle all wrong and I had to explain my wife and I both own the same make a model just different colors. They were local police not the state so apparently there information is different the what the state police have.