Reply To: Abolish the public sex offender registry



I am on the sex-offender registry in Georgia I was convicted at the age of 14 for sex offense and was placed on the registry on my 18th birthday. I was put on probation for 20 years and they’re telling me I have a lifetime on the registry . I think this is ridiculous because I was a minor they are grown adults out there to do for worse than I do and get lesser punishment . It is very hard for me to find a place to work or to live without being harassed . I would like to stand and fight to get people off this registry and have it abolished because I think it is unconstitutional to get somebody’s personal formation out to the public when there are people out there that are murdering and committing arm robbery and other offenses that the public is not knowledgeable up . I hope and pray that one day soon this will be all taken care of and I can maybe have a normal life because my life has been ran by the Georgia Department of corrections for the last 15 years . No I wasn’t sense to prison but I have been on probation since I was 14 and have not had a normal life sentence . My son was put up for adoption and I don’t know where or who is with because of what I was in trouble for and it sucks because he is three years old this past August and I’ve never met him . I hope that one day the story can be reached out to other people and maybe help somebody take a stand that is not on the registry and help us fight .