Reply To: Lenore agrees: registry is ineffective


I couldn’t agree more with this artical. Im originally from Colorado and moved to Pa in 1999, I was convicted in Colorado of a sex crime who was was my girl fiend at the time. It was not rape it was a consensual relationship. Once in Pa I was not required to register until 2002 when the laws changed then I was to register for 10 years I had completed my probation by 1999 with no violations, I would have been off the registry in 2013 but then they inacted SORNA and I was forced to register for 15 more years and went from tier 1 to II with more frequent reporting and more reporting requirements, I have been doing some reading on the supreme courts recent decision on SORNA Punitive which I agree and have sense it all started in 2012. I will be contacting a lawyer tomorrow, I just want off the registry I have dealt with lots of harassment and lost job opportunities as well as lost jobs, I see a lot of people getting lawyers and suing and challenging which I intend to do as well.