Reply To: Colorado registration statute under attack

Brian Mazakas

If anything history teaches us is that ultimate power corrupts ultimately. Anytime you place power such as hidden cameras in the home so authorities know everything you are doing, such as coming and going, daily habits, and efforts to protect yourself are completely erased, there will be a opportunity to do harm to a registrant. The hateful build up is unsurpassed to the point of doing physical harm by just allowing authorities to enter you home without your knowledge. Phone tapping causes regular visits to the doctor to be compromised by just overlooking a problem. It is to the point of not being able to trust the outcome of tests and unsure whether you are really getting the help you may need. Each phone call delivered by authorities to anyone who may be of a help will undermine a person living a normal life. This is punishment in the highest regard. The registrant is not just a name on the list but a focal point of fear mongering and hate, for life. A true hate crime. Anyone who has this kind of life will ultimately suffer mentally, emotionally and physically. With no defense or the other side of the story being considered the registrant is completely helpless and is doomed to death by it’s captors. The hate is so great that the registrant has become a victim themselves. Where in history did a whole nation come to arms to defeat this kind of mass hysteria. What are we doing to these people who just made a mistake and are truly sorry, repent and humble and just want a normal life?