Reply To: Federal judge holds Colorado registry is punishment; violates Eighth Amendment



There are men in this world that are single because they are physically undesirable to women (or to other men, whatever their sexuality is).
I have had some very pretty girlfriends in my life though I don’t think very highly of my appearance. I also had a very attractive Brazilian wife. It was AFTER my divorce that I got caught up with a teenage girl a year under legal age. I already had low self esteem due to how I wished I looked more like Tom Cruise, but then being divorced and only being 31 yrs old, I figured I’m even MORE undesirable because in our society we have women refusing to date men who are either previously married or have had children with a former partner.
However, those same women end up disvocred or single moms and expect EVERY MAN to accept them as their little premade package deal. Funny that, eh?

Anyway, my point being, stop coming down so hard on the porn industry. Adult porn is not illegal and men who do not have a significant other in their love lives are the ones looking at porn more often. Some couples do but it’s a different ball game with that.
Now then, your son probably felt the same way I felt when he started chatting with (what he thought was) a 15 yr old girl. And that feeling is this; Welp, no one else wants me and she is pretty for her age and I’m lonely so…what’s the harm, right?

The thing that troubles me about these internet stings is that they show a trend of men with NO PRIOR CRIMINAL RECORD being easily duped by sexual attraction. Many of these men are most likely the same ones who call everyone on the SOR a “pedophile”.
These stings also seem to prove something else; That males, by NATURE are attracted to youthful females.

I don’t know if the age of consent needs to be lowered or the Internet stings just need to stop. But we all have to at least stop pretending that someone who is SUCKERED into chatting with an underage person online is a threat to “safety”.
Why is SEX a threat to safety but armed robbery doesn’t ever get that category? Hmmmm.