Reply To: Michigan files supplemental brief replying to solicitor general



Hello Everyone,
This question is for Robin or Fred or anyone else who might know the answer, I was on the SCOUTUS Blog that Does v Snyder is scheduled for conference on 9-25-17, which we all know this by now. What I noticed was it was under Calls for the Views of the Solicitor General. Is that just to separate it from other cases being heard on that day?

Then it says orders on the 28th, but nothing is currently there at the moment so here it is does SCOTUS actually decide if they will take the case on the conference day (25th) and then post there decision on the (28th) were it says orders? I was just curious if it actually happens that fast or does it take longer, like a month or so for them to decided if they accept the case or not, any help or explanation on this would be appreciated. Thank you in advanced. Just trying to understand how it works in general.