Reply To: Federal judge holds Colorado registry is punishment; violates Eighth Amendment


I just have one more thing to say. As far as that Donnie guy that thinks his life is a waste. Take control of yourself. Now just what do I mean by that,. Self govern yourself. When I got involved with my little internet sex romp I knew what I was doing. I can still see the shock when the detective ask me…. It was your intent to have sex right, and I said you don’t know my intent. See that is where they will throw you off in this game of sexual encounters.
Women well there are good women and bad women. I got so down once I told my probation officer I wanted to kill myself, but that wasn’t my intent to kill myself.
Donnie, the main thing is to give this scarlet letter you have in the back of your mind and press on like all the rest on here. Yes, we all have had some good news coming from the courts lately, but for any man or woman to soak in their sorrow over this and that is a mind alternating experience in itself. It will eat you up like a cancer so just enjoy yourself and enjoy your friends and guard yourself. I’m sure your a nice person but sometimes you got to get rid of that chip on your shoulders. You be yourself, you don’t be what others want you to be. Oh and it never hurts to take a pretty gal to church once in a while and keep your good morals in check.