Reply To: Federal judge holds Colorado registry is punishment; violates Eighth Amendment

Debbie Ahlborn

My son had a “wake-up” call after doing some pretty bad stuff on the computer, when he was in his early 20s. Fortunately, he was caught in a sting operation, which landed him a 15-year sentence. At first, he did not have to serve 24 hours, but could work, then go in to jail, but after one year, he got into more trouble, partially because of alcohol, and this time, the judge said, “Your 15 years are back!” So he served 2.5 years, and actually came out so nice and polite and clean from all of the porn, and of course, sober from alcohol. That part only lasted a few years, then he got back to drinking, and of course, porn. Overcoming a porn addiction takes serious effort and the support of a true companion, one who the guy will listen to and trust. But no, that has not happened, he just convinces himself that it is a “stress-reliever”. What does all of this have to do with the registry? I don’t know, except that, if he had never gotten into porn, he would never have been caught in a sting operation, attempting to pursue an underage girl. And now, he has a poor self-image, and is always afraid someone new will find out he is a RSO. Although he is hard-working and successful in his business, there are so many restrictions on every thing he does, he can never really hold his head up again. PORN is so very destructive to any and all relationships!!! PORN KILLS LOVE! Those are the truest of all words. I wish every male had the courage to wear a t-shirt that states that in big giant letters. Then, when more men start to believe this, maybe more would humbly and willingly seek the help they need to overcome this, which has to be done with a trained professional, and with the help of a trusted companion. Instead, they just accept that it will be with them forever, like the RSO title, and it makes life miserable for his wife and children. How will he feel when his daughters find him doing it one day which by the way, is inevitable. Or worse yet, when the boys they start to date are doing it, or even worse, when one of his daughters might get sucked into becoming a part of this despicable but very profit-driven industry? Where does it end? Satan has the greatest hey-day ever with this one, and every time you participate, you are paying tithes to Satan and his wicked angels. But don’t sit around and feel guilty about it, that is part of his wicked plan—have the courage to get up and search out those who can give you professional help, and get ready to put your life back together again.